Manifesting and the Moon

The Moon

I have always been enthralled with the moon as a child, even more so as an adult and when I became a mom- I wondered what my fasicanation was with it.

Every detail when into the baby nursery. What caught me off guard is when it was all said and done it felt unfinished.  And then,  I was quick to paint out a sky on the ceiling, grabbed myself a moon and stars that glowed and attached them, nothing felt more right for me, “done!” I thought. Its years later, I have acknowledged my gifts and allowed them bloom – AHHH I see! I understand!

THE MOON –  It’s a beginning and an end all in 30 days every month, every year, for eternity – if you choose to acknowledge the gift and power it holds.Tomorrow is a full moon.  I have so much to be grateful for and also just so ready to ‘Let what no longer serves me, let the the things that crushed me and let all the disappointments that arose this month.go.’ I’m ready.

You see, the moon gives us a redo every calendar month, as well as a way to make space for the new to come into our lives. If we hold the space with old things then how do we celebrate the new without squishing it into that space?

THE MOON is full tomorrow.  I have thought long and hard what I will be formulalting in my moon journal…  and I will be thanking all the things that I’m releasing for their opportunity of growth or lessons, because the powerful full moon immediately turns into the waning moon.

THE WANING MOON- it takes all the things written away from you and preparing you for new. I have loaded an additional link that gives a second option of a releasing ritual. Its all about intent.

It’s an amazing process and I hope you take advantage of this beautiful process we are given.