Moon Manifesting

New Moon vs. Full Moon

Moon energy work in progress ..

There are many beliefs for manifesting, this is just one view and the one I practice. It resonates for me. When the moon is new it is about rebirth, its energy will be growing, it’s visibility enlarges, as well as its pull on earth becomes stronger growing your desire.

Have you ever heard about “High Tide” at the beach? High tides usually occur when the moon is full, not everywhere, but in most cases. It’s a good correlation to the moon and its influences.When you set your intentions on the New Moon – it is believed that your intentions grow with the moon, thus bringing it to full manifestation when the moon becomes FULL.

Most importantly is to Ground yourself, Shield yourself and finally, Clear your space you intend to work in. Sage, Rosemary, or Bay Leaves work – but my preference is Dragons Blood incense. I make sure to do a clearing chant, then meditate for about 5 minutes to be clear with my intention and stand in My Truth.

How to Manifest: To set clear intentions you will need to write what you wish to acquire on a piece of paper with a pen (no computer printouts). The Universe is old and still relates to old ways such as written intentions and desires with your personal energy, so be specific. For example – instead of writing – “I want a better money situation,” you would write – “ My bank account maintains a balance of $1000 dollars or more.” Of course, you want to be honest with yourself – asking for the impossible truly affects your intentions. Keep it real.

Once written, you can recite it aloud, or read it silently, then fold it and burn either by candle flame or a mini fire – just make sure it’s easy to manage the paper embers any bowl, mini cauldron or abalone shell works well. Then, take your embers and either scatter them around the house or bury them. Just make sure you don’t trash them – Remember it’s your intentions that the Universe/Spirit understands from the beginning to end -that also encompasses the cleanup. FIRE is just one way of charging an intention. Fire sets energy in motion to the Universe. Some believe it is so powerful that it should only be used for ridding things you want to release as it destroys everything in its path. This is also true, but what you want to manifest is just as important to charge with energy, so I use it for both. I use what resonates for me, you will use what resonates for you. Energy is Energy.

I always wish you enough, Alesha – Soul Missives

Handmade by -Alesha